Frequently asked questions

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What is safe deposit box?

A safe deposit box is a box that is held within a highly secure safe or vault. Access to the box is only available to the named keyholder(s). You can use the box to store valuable possessions that you may not wish to store at home or work. The account holder pays a fee to rent the box which can only be opened by a named keyholder and an assigned key.

What can I store in a safe deposit box?

You can store precious metals, jewellery, currency, documents, stamps, art etc.

Are there any items that are prohibited?
You cannot store arms, weapons, drugs, flammable liquids, chemicals, perishable items or anything else illegal as per our conditions of license.
What do I need to open an account?

Please see our ‘How to Rent a Box’ page.

Can other people access my box?

Neither Soteria Safes Limited or any other agencies have access to your box. Each locker can have up to 3 persons registered to access it. However it is supplied with only two keys as only two keys are ever made for each lock on a safe deposit box and copies cannot be made.

How much does the service cost?

Prices vary as we supply 6 box sizes. Please click here for our Pricing.

What are your opening hours?

Monday – Friday – 10am – 6pm
Saturday -10am-5pm

Please note we are closed on Bank Holidays

Where are you located?

We are located in Whetstone, North London, easily accessible and close to Totteridge Station. Click here to contact us.

Do I have to give prior notice before accessing my safe deposit box?

You can access your safe deposit box at any time during opening business hours.

Are my items insured in case of damage or theft?

Soteria Safes Limited offers £10,000 complimentary insurance with each box rental. We can also direct you to a specialist insurance company that will insure your valuables at very competitive prices.

Are there any cancellation charges if I decide to terminate my rental?

If you wish to terminate your rental before your rental period expires you will not be refunded for any unused time. We offer 3/6/12 month rental agreements to allow for shorter term rentals.

When terminating a rental, you will simply collect your items and sign a form saying you have emptied your box and terminated your rental agreement.

What happens if I loose one or both of my safety box keys?

Two identical keys will be issued to you upon registration. If you lose one or both keys, you should inform us immediately for your security.

Please see our ‘Lost Keys’ page for further details on requesting replacement keys.