Our Safe Deposit Boxes

We offer private Safe Deposit Services in multiple box sizes
to suit your specific needs.

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Storage Solutions.

We offer safe deposit boxes in multiple sizes, with complimentary £10K insurance for the first year on 12 month or more contracts. Competitive insurance upgrades available for clients who require higher coverage.


We offer private viewing rooms available for all clients.


We offer short-term safe deposit services to all our clients including foreign businesses and traders, in accordance with FCA guidelines.

Secure Access.

All safe deposit boxes have a unique lock and key assigned to them. This unique key grants you vault access during your visit. We follow all security protocols in accordance with FCA regulations and our sophisticated CCTV system ensures entry to and from the vault is fully monitored.

Our goal is to ensure our safe deposit boxes protect your assets and are readily accessible to you whenever you require them.

We provide convenient access to your safe deposit boxes and belongings through our flexible business hours, along with a discreet and personalised service that includes private viewing rooms. Our staff are industry experts and are always attentive to your needs.

Safe Deposit Boxes

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