Replacement keys

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SOTERIA SAFES LIMITED uses a specialist industry leader for the maintenance and security of our boxes. We have access to skilled engineers and locksmiths who can deliver reactive and planned maintenance. 

Two identical keys will be issued to you upon registration. If you lose one or both keys, you should inform us immediately for your security.  

What happens if I lose both my keys?

If both keys have been lost /not returned then the lock will need to be drilled open and replaced.
The cost for this will be £250.00 +VAT for the lock with 2 keys including the associated call out fee for an engineer.

Works are carried out by specialist safety box locksmiths to ensure the same locks are provided (to match the existing master key) and ensure that the process of removing the lock is done correctly so as not to damage the box.

What happens if I lose only 1 of my keys? 

If only one key is returned, for security reasons the lock will be replaced at a cost of £75.00 +VAT.   

Replacement keys

Lost item


Replacement for both keys (engineer required)

From £250.00 +VAT

Replacement for 1 key

£75.00 +VAT