A New Met for London

The two year plan on how the Met will deliver more trust, less crime, and high standards

A New Met for London is the product of more than 10,000 interactions with Londoners, our people, and partners from across the city. It represents what they’ve told us they want us to focus on. We’ve already made considerable progress in the last nine months, but there’s much more to do.

We’re building A New Met for London where communities know their local officers, help to shape their policing priorities, and work with them to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour; and when victims call us for help, they’re satisfied with our response.

A New Met for London details the priority areas that it will focus on, to ensure a quality service is received by Londoners through more effective policing. It focuses on three areas of reform:

Community crime-fighting is how we cut crime, rebuild trust and restore our bond with communities. We’ll put more officers and Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) into local neighbourhoods and make sure they’re delivering against the priorities of Londoners. We’ll work with them to fight crime and anti-social behaviour, bringing all the specialist resources of the Met together to make a difference in the highest crime, lowest trust communities.

Culture change will be delivered across the Met to embed the values of policing by consent and build a strong culture focused on delivering for London, maintaining high standards and learning from others. We’ll become a police service that does not discriminate – tackling racism, misogyny and homophobia – and better reflects the diversity of the city we serve.

Fixing our foundations is how we’ll set up our people to succeed. We’ll organise and deploy our people better, and give them the training, equipment and tools they need to cut crime. We’ll equip them with the data and technology they need to use their powers precisely while maintaining trust and upholding high standards.

A reset to how the Met engages with communities begins with the launch of the plan, with a focus on how A New Met for London will be delivered at a local level. A commitment to review progress has also been made so that progress on the changes needed are made clear.

A New Met for London is available to download, together with the full plan.

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