Seamus Fahy Interviewed For Sky News

Co-founder Seamus Fahy was recently interviewed on Sky News about the potential impact of Brexit on the safe deposit box London industry. As the CEO of safety deposit box company, Merrion Vaults, Fahy has been closely monitoring the changes brought on by Brexit and how they may affect his business, and others here like ours at Soteria Safes.

During the interview, Fahy explained how the uncertainty surrounding Brexit has led to an increase in demand for safe deposit box London and many other areas in the UK. He noted that customers are looking for a secure place to store their valuables as they navigate the changes and potential risks associated with Brexit.

Fahy also highlighted the importance of choosing a reputable safery deposit box business, or in our case a reputable safe deposit box London business. With the rise in demand, he cautioned against choosing a provider solely based on price, as quality and security should always be the top priorities.

At Merrion Vaults, Fahy and his team pride themselves on their commitment to security and customer satisfaction. Their state-of-the-art facilities offer round-the-clock security and access to safe deposit boxes of varying sizes to meet the needs of every customer.

With Brexit still causing uncertainty in the UK, it’s no surprise that people are turning to safe deposit boxes for peace of mind. And with companies like Merrion Vaults leading the way in security and customer service, customers can feel confident that their valuables are in safe hands.

Co-founder Seamus Fahy interviewed on Sky News about Brexit


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